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Democratic Socialism


* The JDS will be closing due to lack of submissions. We will be staying online for a while, but no longer accepting new articles *

Our Very First Issue is Out

Journal of Democratic Socialism, October 2011, Vol 1 (1)

The State of Socialism in the 21st Century


William Outhwaite, ‘Post Communist Capitalism and Democracy: cutting the postcommunist cake’


Leslie Sklair, ‘The Transition from Capitalist Globalization to Socialist Globalization’

Ben Selwyn, ‘Socialism under Globalization’


Annika Olsen, Review of G. Pleyers, Alter-Globalization: Becoming Actors in the Global Age

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About the Journal

Democratic Socialism is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles in both academic and journalistic styles, and welcomes contributions from those wishing to express their views through the medium of art. The journal does not privilege one definition of democratic socialism over another. Whether revolutionary or reformist, statist or non statist, our concern consists of how an alternative democratic project which enables one to determine one’s own destiny in all areas of life - and to make this known - can be imagined. How this translates into both theory and practice is the opportunity the journal calls on our contributors to take up. We welcome contributions that are critical of democratic socialism as well as those which advocate it.